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How old is your cat, when was s/he diagnosed?
How is your cat feeling? ie normal/active or depressed/grouchy/hiding etc
What treatments aside from food are you currently doing?
Do you have a copy of the lab report numbers for BUN, Creatinine, USG etc?

I don't live in Ont but I'm sure some Vet clinic there would carry those foods or be willing/able order them in for you.

However you need not limit your CRF cat to prescription-based low protein/no taste foods, here are some good quality low phosphorus canned foods to try:

By Nature Organics Turkey & Turkey Liver, Chicken & Chicken Liver, Turkey & Chicken, Chicken & Mackerel, Beef & Beef Liver

Innova Flex Beef & Barley Stew
Evo 95% Chicken & Turkey

Felidae Platinum
Felidae Cat & Kitten
Felidae Grain Free

Merricks Before Grain 96% Beef
Merricks Before Grain 96% Turkey

Merricks Cowboy Cookout
Merricks Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Halo Spots Stew Wholesome Chicken
Halo Spots Stew Wholesome Turkey

Wellness Turkey, Chicken, Beef & Chicken, Beef & Salmon, Kitten, Wellness Core Chicken Turkey & Chicken Liver (other flavours are too high in phos)

Holistic Select Turkey & Barley
Holistic Select Duck & Chicken

Many more choices listed here

Have a read through this thread you may find some useful information to help your cat Early Stage Kidney Failure in Cat

Feel free to ask any CRF related questions you may have
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