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Exclamation Inexperienced trying to take care of kitten. Having difficulties with aggression.

About a week and a half ago I was given a kitten. She was basically thrown away, and I brought her home.
I've had cats before, and I know how to take care of them, but I've never had a kitten.
She's about a month old, quite young.

She's been fine up until now. She's showing extreme aggression and doesn't understand being pet (petted?).

She's always after my hands. When we're playing, she'll choose my hands over her toys. She bites and scratches and pounces on me. She does this to my feet when I'm walking around, too. It's not just during play either, it's all the time. And she also attacks every other part of my body. I'm lucky that she hasn't found my face yet. That's what I'm scared of. If it gets to the point where she scratches my face.. I may have to give her up. It has gotten to be very problematic and I don't know how to correct it.

Also, she seems to be confused. She does like me, I'm sure she doesn't hate me. She wasn't abused before either. She just didn't have any human interaction. Sometimes I'll pet her, and she'll purr, but then she'll attack me again. And she likes to sleep cuddled into me at night and during the day. She really loves getting my attention, and her aggression might be her trying to get my attention, but it's definitely not a good way. I need to fix that now that she's young.

Basically, she's very aggressive about everything. She doesn't know when to stop, when to soften her bite, or when to play without her claws.

Oh and don't suggest getting her a playmate, because I can't afford one right now.
But I do have an old cat (Tiger) here. He's neutered and has his vaccines. On Saturday Cookie (kitten that I've been talking about) is going to be getting her vaccines as well. After that I plan on introducing Cookie to Tiger and maybe he'll be able to teach her to control herself.

Any suggestions?
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