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Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
That basically is activated charcoal then
Yes, I did wonder about the soothing affect when Roxy first starting eating the charcoal when we had a bonfire in early October. She was rather quite irritated with the skin condition at that time.

I took Roxy off the fish oil again. She seems to be very itchy and has raised bumps on parts of her body. Yesterday was the last day she got the fish oil. It could be a coincidence with who knows what at this point. This testing I'm doing isn't exactly science! If there is a future in which I find a solution for Roxy's skin irritations I will try the fish oil again. If it bothers her then I will find a different way to supplement Omega 3 to her diet.

I also started switching her over to the Acana Lamb & Apple, her first meal with it was lastnight (she's fed twice a day).
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