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Update on this case of recall training:

1. Tried using the long lead-line on a couple walks, saying the recall command, and reelling in the lead line if no response.
- This was awkward to do (ie manage a very long lead-line on a walk)
- I think that it may have been helpful, but I think that the dog *knows* she's still on a line...

2. Tried a new game: 2 pple + large, long park + treats
- My husband and I stand at either end of the park, let dog off-leash and practice recall back-and-forth between us. We add variation by hiding.
- Dog *LOVES* this game! Loves running at high speed. Enjoys 'finding' us.
- It is enforcing the recall, and also making it *fun*, for the dog to race back to us from far away: all good things
- Downsides:
1. anticipating the repetition of the game (ie running back to the other person *before* being called)
2. 'game' mentality: what if she gets tired of playing? So far, haven't reach this point...

We tested her off-leash on a long walk in the woods a couple weeks ago and she was GREAT - raced back to us everytime (and sometimes on her own)! When we had to start calling her more than once, we quietly put the leash back on. But she had over half an hour of being "free". She did NOT stay at our heels the whole time, but all-in-all great walk and an improved recall! Will keep up the training - hopefully I can shorten the distances she wanders when off-leash, but with that hound-nose, I'm pretty happy with what we've achieved so far!
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