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Originally Posted by hezbglad View Post
well BenMax, i just met a VERY angry woman in the woods today...actually, she was a very nice woman, just very angry at "rescues". She had a beautiful 8 month old lab. I asked (as i always do..) where she got her and she said "a horrible breeder from Ste Hyathynce (sp????). She said she received no papers or follow up of any kind....I started my spiel about "the adoption option" and she said she TRIED, many rescues but they would not adopt a puppy to her because she has small children. She said she also works from home. She finally got so frustrated and angry, she went to a breeder. (at least she didn't go to a pet shop...)
Rescues (in my opinion) need to look at everyone case by case. Believe it or not...I was denied an adoption from a rescue a long time ago because I did not have a fenced yard and lived in an apartment. Now that I am one of their representives, they would have adopted to me had they known me when I was just an adopter. Again - I understand the 'rules' but I also believe that some rescues can look a little closer when making a decision.
That is just me opinion.
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