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Oh, I also wanted to add that since he was put on the home cooked diet, he has had trouble keeping his weight as well. He did have worms, 2 different types, which didn't help! Our Holistic vet said some dogs need a healthy grain to keep their weight stabilized so he reccomended oats. We purchased wheat/rye/barley free oats from Planet Organic and it put the weight back on him (1 cup cooked oats with each meal, fed morning and night). But now since he has gotten the itchies so bad, we're afraid it may be the oats also. He seems to develop sensitivities to almost everything once he's had it for any length of time. Soooo... we're going to try Millet. It's supposed to be one of the least allergenic of the grains, but still has a lot of nutrients in it. Maybe you can try Millet for your girl since she is allergic to oats. If it is going to help her with her weight, you should notice an improvement in a week or so. One thing I would be careful of until you know whether or not she is immuno-compromised, is raw. Most dogs thrive on it, but we have been told by both our regular and Holisitic vets that our boy cannot have raw. He doesn't have the immune system capacity to fight off the normal bacteria and parasites that are found in raw foods and it can be very dangerous. I hope the grains work for you!
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