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I'm sorry to see that your girl is having so many issues, poor her and poor you! I know how frustrating it is. We have a boy with too many issues to list. And add to that, major itchies now as well

He seems to be allergic/sensitive to most things he eats. He gets a home cooked diet as well. We feed him a dehrydrated veggie/fruit mix that has a balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio that you add water to, then add your protein. It's called The Honest Kitchen and the formula is called "Preference". It takes the guess work out of making sure they are getting all the nutrients. We add baked Wild Pink Salmon and cooked Ground Beef. But now one of our vets thinks he may be allergic to the Beef, so he will be getting just Salmon for a few weeks to see if that helps with his itchies. She also gave us something to try, though I will wait until next week to speak with our Holisitic vet and make sure there won't be any conflicts between that and what he's taking now, but it's called Dermoscent Essential 6 Spot-On. I have read several reviews and it gets raves from other dog owners who have allergy/itchy dogs and other dogs with skin issues that couldn't be pinpointed. It almost sounds too good to be true lol, but at this point, I'm willing to try it as long as there will not be any interactions with his regular herbs

Maybe you can give that a try as well? The reviews all say it took about 4 weeks, but the skin conditions cleared up, no more sores or flaky skin and a wonderful coat. Good luck to you both!
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