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Originally Posted by LovNKyra View Post
Switching the dog food to fish, and veggies got rid of all sores, had the hair growing back, but still she'd scratch, and still abit of red by the end of the night. Mornings she's completely clear of redness. What does scullcap, sjw, and canine complete help with? What type of drugs are they?
Okay, so there is some huge progress, there's just the itchies to deal with.

I will be honest, those itchies are baffling, and the herbals are more of a trial, but the scullcap and sjw have worked here for that...

The scullcap relaxes the nervous system and releases tension and is the thing that has helped my boy the nost when he appears to itch for no reason. There is some condition of the nervous system that can make them itch - can't think of the name.

The SJW can act as an anti-anxiety supplement, and can also help relieve some pain, particularly low back pain. Think of it also as a mild anti-depressant, and it also affects some neurotransmitters. It can elevate mood and focus, help anxiety, relieve some pain. This one you have to be careful of for the long term, because it will act as an anti-depressant after many months of use, but initially, for a trial, not a concern.

Here I just use the Nature's Way brand for the scullcap and SJW, nothing fancy. These herbs are relatively cheap, in the grand scheme of things, it's the Canine Complete that is the more expensive product.

The Canine Complete is primarily for the thyroid. While the thyroid may test fine, sometimes it's just not working right. It also contains a few other things to support the body, including vit C, enzymes, probiotics (probiotics are big!). I would look around for the best price, but here's the product:

I have a friend that tried everything to get the fur growing back on her dog, and the CC worked extrememly well for his fur and skin condition, and that dog was already on adequate thyroid replacement. I'm real big on probiotics too, and in some dogs, just probiotics alone can help with the itchies.

No guarantees, but after the improvements with the diet, this is what I would try next. If that doesn't work, I'm not exactly sure what my next step would be. It might be that we just have to interrupt the cycle and provide the body with some extra nutrients now that the food seems to be right.
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