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Originally Posted by MaxaLisa View Post
It could be lack of some nutrients too...

These itchy dogs, they are so tough.....what if it's like three things, and you need to just hit the magical combination? there any improvement in her skin, her sores, her fur?

There are a few things left to try. The drug-free option, would be to use the herbs scullcap and St. John's Wort. Start with 2 scullcap twice a day, and 1 SJW, twice a day, taken together, and I would prefer away from food. The other thing I would consider is adding the supplement called Canine Complete.

SJW can interfere with many medications, so be sure to search for any interactions. If she is still on ivermectin, and it hasn't helped a significant amount, I would be sure to stop it.
Switching the dog food to fish, and veggies got rid of all sores, had the hair growing back, but still she'd scratch, and still abit of red by the end of the night. Mornings she's completely clear of redness. What does scullcap, sjw, and canine complete help with? What type of drugs are they?
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