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Further reading suggests yeast infections are often triggered by allergic reaction, but sometimes seborrhea (which was considered early in this thread), fleas, genetic predisposition, bacterial infection. The Chlorhexadine shampoo that I was using on Roxy (from the vet) for the suspected Mange (but also used as a broad spectrum treatment) would have helped with a yeast infection. The antibiotics she was on could have helped yeast flourish. Hmmm... maybe I will start the Hexadene shampoo baths again, and do Tea Tree Oil foot soaks. Could add yogurt into the diet...

I do notice that the blemishes she does still get here and there respond to daily washing with Hibitane soap. Not sure what issues Hibitane would help to cure. Reading back through this thread from the beginning I also notice that when the skin scrapings were done the vet didn't see any excess yeast. I also notice that the swollen, red paws showed up about 10 days after the suspected Mange treatment began (Hexadene shampoo, Revolution drops, and Cephalexin antibiotics (to prevent infection of the blemishes). So this does make me suspect the antibiotic treatment as a trigger for possible yeast infection.

I am considering calling the vet today to ask for a Ketoconazole (Nizoral) prescription. See if she would agree to this without another appointment, and agrees that it would be a good thing to suspect.

Maybe the initial cause was allergies to the fish in the Orijen, which is why she improved when switched to Iams, but she had underlying yeast infection which is why she hasn't improved completely?

Maybe it was Mange to begin with which could have taken hold because of lowered immunity (maybe from vaccination in March?) which could be the same trigger for yeast. Or the antibiotic treatment triggered yeast.

Maybe it is seasonal allergies which are better now that it is frozen, but yeast took hold.

Sooo many possibilities...

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