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Marty, thanks for your input, I'm not totally sure that it is diet related either.

Lisa, yeah Roxy's paws are swollen. She is licking them a bit, but I think it is more that she licks because they are bothering her. I don't think her licking is the cause. The raw parts are between her toes right in the crooks, not on the paws of her paws like you see with many lick sores. Her dew claws are swollen too. This seems to only be affecting her front paws...maybe very slightly in the rear paws.

I just did a quick Google search on paw lick sores, which led me to a photo of a dog with a yeast infection of his paws, so I did a search for "dog paw yeast infection". That is what Roxy's feet look like. Kinda what her gunky ears look like too. Maybe systemic yeast infection? This here describes all of Roxy's symptoms to date:

Lisa, the changes supposedly due to the food could be from the weather changes. She got better roughly as the weather got to freezing, and now is worse that we are mild again. I haven't been paying very close attention to this, but I think it is something to consider as well.
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