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Originally Posted by Myka View Post
...... She's been on the Iams Small Toy Breed for 4 weeks. I am considering a switch to California Naturals Lamb & Rice. Cali Naturals has limited ingredients and thus often helpful for dogs with allergies, and a different protein might be a good step to take......

Is it too early to make a call on whether she is ok with the Iams or not? It doesn't seem to be the answer - at least not fully - but am I being too quick? Regardless, at this point she is 75% better now than she was on the Orijen. .....
I've only read a bit of the history, but from a quick glance, these are my thoughts....

The switch to Iams helped, so there is something in the Orijen which was not good for her.

The Iams may have helped, but there are still ongoing issues, which tells me that there are issues with the Iams. Not surprising, consdering all the other stuff that is in the Iams that is usually not the best, and maybe some stuff particularly in this situation that is not good.

Allergy dogs often need extra nutrition i some areas too.

The paws swollen, concerns me a bit, since most often with regular allergies you see itchy paws with sores from licking and such, but not so much swollen or hot. Makes me think of vasculitis, or gout, or some other medical issue or specific nutritional need that might be going on. And when I think of vasculitis, I think of systemic type of infection. Any chance of a tick disease? There are other infections too, that would require abx other than Ceph.
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