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I was reading the original poster's post and I got goosebumps because that is exactly what my boy has been doing. I've had Squeaky since he was 8 weeks old. 14 years ago I moved him in with me and my other cat who has since passed. We lived in the apartment for 4 years. We moved around a lot, and then in July, Squeaky and I moved back into the same building we lived in when he was a kitten. We are 2 floors up from the original suite. His behaviour has changed significantly since we moved here. Every other day, he meows constantly and then manicly gallops around. I have to say that Squeaky is a big 20pound boy and has never done a manic thing in his life

The reason I think we might have a ghost is almost exactly like the original poster. This morning Squeaky stood his full length in the bathroom door frame, and was meowing at the ceiling. He then looked in the little closet in the hall and took off galloping like he was scared. Practically every night he meows to go out the door-when I let him out, he always ends up sitting in front of our old suite meowing. He'll also sit in the same place in the front hall and meow constantly. He does a lot of things that he's never done before. It almost seems like he's getting younger instead of older.
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