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Roxy has been switched back to Iams for about a month now, and her rash (a whole other thread ugh) is a lot better...possibly cured. However, she still stinks like anal glands, and still scoots.

I am starting to consider surgical removal, but this is a big step, so I'm wondering what I can do with her diet to try to help before taking the leap. That crappy Iams food has enough filler in it, that's for sure! Can I add Metamucil? Pumpkin? Rice? Oatmeal? Right now switching brands of dog food isn't an option as we are trying to work around allergies. Not sure what the allergen is yet, but fish is the biggest suspect at this point.

Roxy was having these same anal gland issues while eating Orijen/Acana and getting Fish Oil added to her diet. She also had her glands expressed in March '11 when she got vaccinated before I owned her (it is on the copy of vaccination papers). So this may be an ongoing issue with her, although I have no way of finding out since she is adopted.
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