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Sorry for the slow reply. Madness around here at this time of year... In answer to some questions asked:

The two mutts in question are a 65 pound, 8 year old female Border Collie/Yellow Lab cross (Sam) and an 80 pound, 3 year old male Shepard/Newfie cross (Jed). I was feeding them Acana "Grasslands" for the past five years (Origens previously) but both would have recurring bouts of vomiting/diarrhoea from time to time which was getting progressively worse. Trips to the Vet revealed nothing except unusually high uric PH in both with high protein foods being cited as the cause. A switch in food was strongly recommended. The Vet recommended a switch to Medi-Cal "preventative" and that had disastrous results, so I decided to try TOTW and so far it has been very agreeable to both dogs. Although the uric PH improved a little bit, it was still considered too high. I figured that by adding the oats, rice and veggies I could reduce the protein a bit as well as give them some variety. For the past 4 months it has been working very well with the PH now nearly down to normal and no other issues showing up. I just wanted to find out if others have had any problems feeding such things over the long term.
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