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Melinda I must try and get a photo of a Blue Tongue when it has its mouth wide open, hissing at me. If you are walking in the bush and have one do it right beside you it can give you a real scare. LOL. I think while some people raise homing pigeons, I might have a homing Blue Tongue. How many times is this that I've put it back over in the forest? Could be worse, it could be rabbits, hares or kangaroos eating stuff in my garden I suppose.
Hazel, if she touches our Feebles(aka Pheobe, the Persian) she'll be dead meat. LOL. She knows I mean business too. Cattle Dogs can be terrible cat killers. I think she's going well considering she wasn't raised with one though. Our outdoor cats know to keep out of her way, they don't even fraternise with the Shelties.
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