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Critique my recipe?

Hi there! Long time reader, first time poster. Right off the top I want to thank all of the folks who post here at this site. You have all, in one way or another, helped our myriad furry kiddies many, many times. The wealth of info at this site is a tremendous resource. Thank you all very much indeed.

I have read several recommendations on a home prepared mix, but wondered if it makes sense to substitute Taste of the Wild "High Prairie" instead of using a fresh meat as the main protein? I was thinking of mixing 1/2 to 3/4 cup TOTW, ~1/4 cup cooked basmati rice, ~1/4 cup cooked rolled oats and ~1/4 cup "veggie of the day". (Whatever veggies we have left from our dinner -- with the exception of those not recommended for dogs) I figured the TOTW would make an excellent protein as it also contains vitamins, minerals etc. Anyone see anything wrong with that? I plan to add fresh cooked meat periodically and will reduce the kibble accordingly.

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