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Originally Posted by Sean1969 View Post
The old thread dog "Crusty nose" was diagnosed by the vet just looking at it, vet gave me Prednisone and antibiotics. It cleared her up made the dog fat but never really healed the nose.
I don't know how in the world that the vet then can say that it is Lupus. It could have been infection, which might be relevant to what is happening now.

Lilly the GSP- I have taken to 2 vets 1 did blood work to find nothing!!! @$300 a pop and told me the test may have been void due to the dog no being spade, I was told that the dogs female hormones may have altered the test this is why they found nothing. The vet knew Lilly wasnt spade for christ sakes she did the physical.Clearly its somthing. Same vet want to do more test I cant afford paying for nothing I need results.

Have you been to a dermatologist? Sometimes, even though more expensive intially, they will save in the long run. I guess it all depends on the practitioner.

In the meantime, I would request copies of all blood work and lap tests from your vet(s) for a file to keep at home. Then you can double check things for yourself, and you have the records in case you want to go somewhere else.

If this is infection, it most likely won't show up on a blood test. If there is an autoimmune component, that still doesn't rule out infection. I don't know about the blood and spayed thing, unless they were testing the ANA.

My experience here is that vets are quick to diagnose autoimmune disease when it's obscure infection. Had to go through 5 vets with my boy's nose and problems until I finally found an internal medicine vet that looked at everything, used logic, and came up with infection.

This was my boy's nose at it's worst:


And now, still treating:

We are using doxycycline, cipro, and 2.5 mg of pred every other day. My boy weighs 85 pounds. It turns out that the eye meds that we were using for his pannus (tacrolimus), were making the nose worse and preventing it from getting better.
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