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I want to thank everyone for their help. Sadly, Kobe passed away today. It had been at least 6 days since he ate anything. After returning from his last IV treatment on Friday he continued to refuse to eat, and also refused to drink. The vet tried to boost his appetite but nothing worked. I tried a smorgus board of food but he wouldn't eat anything.

After each day of the IV treament he returned weaker and less able to walk. After his last treatment Friday his rear legs barely seemed to work. I stayed up with him all night and he could barely support himself the few time he tried to stand up. Also he kept hanging his head as if even lifting that was difficult. He was nothing like his usual self anymore.

I took him to a different vet and they said there was nothing they could do for him. Rather than let him suffer I allowed them to put him to sleep. I sat with him all night and all day today trying to give him as much love as possible.

I am devistated right now. I don't know if I made the right decision. What if threre was something I should have done is all I keep thinking.

I was with him until the end, and held him during the final process. It was by far the worst thing I have ever experienced. I don't know if I will ever recover.

Kobe went from what I consider normal on Monday until a shell of himself today. I want to thank you all again, for everything. Please keep helping others as this site was one of the few things that helped me understand what was going on.
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