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Originally Posted by sojuorn View Post
thanks for the reply sugarcatmom. I was told that the IV treatment would treat the anemia as well. But I am not quite sure how that works. I asked if there were nutrients in the saline (sp?) but was told that there is not. That it is just pretty much saline and sugar? I forget the exact name of what they were using.
Depends on what they're using, most have sodium, potassium and chlorine some also have magnesium & calcium.

The one with a sugar variation is 5% Dextrose in Water which is not appropriate in this situation.

Originally Posted by sojuorn View Post
The only thing I could get him to eat was 5 small kitty treats.. I tried 4 different types of food, but that is all he would eat, and no more than 5. I just wish I knew what I should be expecting. The Vet didn't seem to have any good answers for me. I can only pray that the vet knows what he is doing..
Try leaving a low plate/saucer of food near where he is laying so he doesn't have to get up & go to the food dish. You've been given good suggestions for tempting foods, also tiny pinch of catnip may stimulate the appetite in some cats.

Cats with anaemia are often very tired & will sleep more than normal, they are also often very cold if you can have him lay on a fleece blanket & tuck it over & around him to keep him warm that will help him to feel better. Warmth might perk the appetite up a bit too.

I would bet Kobe's reactions have more to do with the anaemia than they do just the IV fluids. My CRF girl was in hospital for IV treatments during a severe food allergy reaction and was fine during/after IV treatments, she did have mild appetite loss but the ER staff kept her there until she had eaten enough & kept it down, they did have me come in to feed her as they felt she hadn't eaten enough for them.

Originally Posted by sojuorn View Post
Dropped Kobe off for his 3rd IV treatment day today. Spoke with the vet about the non eating and non drinking. Asked about Sub-Q's. Vet told me that at this point Sub-Q treatments will do nothing for Kobe and that he wouldn't recommend them... even if his numbers have come down (doing new labs today). Is this true??
Sub-q fluids are essential to treat any CRF cat but especially one that has had very high numbers.
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