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I am so pleased with Jarrah today. Pheobe, the Persian cat, is confined behind wire that she can jump if she wants to go anywhere else in the house, but it deters dogs from going after her. Well, Jarrah's so funny, whenever she goes into the passage she is in slow motion, stalking the cat even before she sees it, and when she does she freezes, sometimes with a hind foot still in mid air. She is so intent that I can take hold of the foot and place it on the ground, make her sit and drop, pull her top lips down, cover her eyes with my hands , grab her tail and wag it , she doesn't budge or break the eye contact. What sheep farmers would call a strong eye dog I guess. She snaps out of it when the cat decides to have a roll on the carpet, then she's prepared to walk away from it. Well, Phoebe was in the passage today and didn't move away, so I let Jarrah creep right up to her. She had a good sniff and didn't look like biting. Yay for Jarrah!! Persians are just the best cat in that they don't run, but all the same, I won't be trusting Jarrah totally anytime soon.
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