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Lupus or Allergies

Hello again,
I haven’t posted here for a while my last post was “Crusty dog nose pics”.

I have a new dog she is a GSP 2 ½ish yrs old I raised from a puppy. Papered and registered I bought from Damar, Kansas “(Star’s Pups Litter 09)” and had her Bird dog trained for $2,500. Last year I noticed little scabs on her skin, I thought it was barbed wire scratching her as she ran around hunting. Not the case it has progressed into lesions and mass itching causing more damage to her skin. I took her to 2 vets they said allergies, They put her on ChlorTabs, Benadryl, Fish oil, Antibiotics and Prednisone. The Pred made her fat and lethargic. Not happy with this, anyways her symptoms for the most part almost went away. I attribute the partial healing to the Prednisone. The other meds nothing, fish oil made her coat shinny as it should it helps promote healthy skin. I also changed her diet to expensive grain free dog food. I noticed that the skin irritation is more in the summer months and less through the winter months, the pictures attached were taken December 16, 2011after being on pred for 2 weeks. After the allergy treatment didn’t work we gave her a break for 8 weeks, med free to clear her system for blood work. Blood work came back, vet said she isn’t allergic to anything they tested for. And now wants to bring her back in for more allergy skin testing, then Biopsy after that. Vets ball park diagnosis is Discoid lupus with out biopsy won’t know for sure. By the way I’m about $3,000 + into vet bills with $800 for the skin test and biopsy to go. Ok…. they say Discoid lupus is not contagious, my last post was for my other dog that has Discoid lupus or collie nose. My GSP always licks the infected nose of my other dog. And now may have the same disease ????. What are the chances that I have Two dogs with the same disease. Is there any treatment to keep her weight down, She is a great hunter and I don’t want to run her to death fat on prednisone.

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