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How did your cat react to IV treatment for CRF

For the full story please see my other post below (worst day ever - cat kidney failure questions- Growler still around?). Sorry to start a new threat but I wanted to get input on this specific question.

After the first day, or 3 days of IV treatment how did you cat respond? How long after until his/her appetite came back? How did they react after coming home from the vet (energetic? lethargic? etc..). What was their general mood?

Please refer to my other post (my latest entery at the time of posting this) to see the full story of what I am going through. But basically I brought my cat Kobe home from his first (of 3) days of IV treatment and he only ate a spoonfull of food, and was very lethargic. And this morning he seemed to not have the energy to even walk (would only take a few steps and then lay back down).

I am just looking for something to compare this too so I can know what is normal post IV treatment behavior.

Thank you everyone at this great forum.
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