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Thanks for the reply Growler.

After bringing him home from the vet yesterday (the first day of the IV treatments) he seemed ok at first. He couldn't really walk well as the vet had his arm all bandaged up with the IV tube still there, but he stumbled around best he could. He even ate a spoon full of food which I thought was a good sign. I was pleased.

However, after about 2 hours he went into a closet an laid down. He seemed very tired, which I also thought was normal as he hates other animals and vets and I don't think he slept at all while he was getting the IV all day, and was probably very stressed. I also read that cat are normally lethargic after such treatments.

But he didn't eat anything other than that first spoon full of food the rest of the evening or the entire night. Also, for the first time ever he seemed "sick" to me. In the morning he would stand up, take a few steps and then slump back to the ground. As if he just didn't have the energy. And he would drag the cast on his arm instead of picking it up.

I dropped him off at the vet this morning and told them about his lack of energy or ability to move much. And the fact that he hasn't eaten now for about 3 days.

Seeing that this morning made me more concerned than ever. I would like to know from other people's experience how their pets reacted after (and during) IV treatments. When does their appetite come back? Am I making things worse on him? Am I making him suffer????

Again, he was acting normal other than the lack of eating and limp prior to taking him into IV treatment. He could jump 4 feet to the top of a table, and would follow me everywhere. This morning he couldn't (or wouldn't) walk 10 feet...
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