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Those numbers are high , but I have seen higher and that cat is doing fine now he also was on IV fluids for several days in a row & saw a good drop in numbers, after the in-clinic IV fluids his owner continued weekly sub-q fluids at home.

The IV fluids will be excellent to flush out the toxins from the kidneys & bloodstream plus will help Kobe feel better, hydrated & likely bring his appetite back a bit. Just being on fluids will drop those numbers down not necessarily into normal range but it's almost like a bit of a reset to give you numbers more manageable to work with.

Take it one day at a time right now & focus more on how Kobe is feeling not so much where the numbers are. Some cats can do well for a long time with high numbers, it all depends on the cat themselves and the food/fluid/supplement/stress-free emotional support they get.

Once the days of IV fluids are finished the vet will want to re do the blood work to see where the numbers are at.

As far as food, here are some good quality low phosphorus canned foods to try, see if Kobe likes them:

By Nature Organics Turkey & Turkey Liver, Chicken & Chicken Liver, Turkey & Chicken, Chicken & Mackerel, Beef & Beef Liver

Innova Flex Beef & Barley Stew
Evo 95% Chicken & Turkey

Felidae Platinum
Felidae Cat & Kitten
Felidae Grain Free

Merricks Before Grain 96% Beef
Merricks Before Grain 96% Turkey

Merricks Cowboy Cookout
Merricks Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Halo Spots Stew Wholesome Chicken
Halo Spots Stew Wholesome Turkey

Wellness Turkey, Chicken, Beef & Chicken, Beef & Salmon, Kitten, Wellness Core Chicken Turkey & Chicken Liver (other flavours are too high in phos)

Holistic Select Turkey & Barley
Holistic Select Duck & Chicken

Many more choices listed here

Hindsight is always 20/20 & we can't blame ourselves for possibly missing something that was not obvious to us in the past. No matter what age or stage of health, life should be about quality not quantity, when your boy comes in from the vet spoil him with all his favorite things chin rubs, treats & cuddles & we'll see where he's at in a couple of days .
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