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Well the vet thinks the little one has a tumor on the pancreas.

I got some supplement for digestive enzymes and some Wellness food. It's very early, but so far no vomit.

I'd like to see the cat take a poop or two. This is my 'last cat'...I have a family now and any new cats will sorta adopt us all, but this is the one I had before I was married with kids and she means a lot to me and she is clearly my cat (or I am her human).

There is no way I'll have a relationship with any future cats quite like this one. I lost her brother (my other cat) a couple years ago and if I can keep her around with a GOOD life I am doing it. Fook the money. Can you help her?

If it's's time. I am also a Biologist, so I understand the chemistry and life's processes.

Anyway...that's all.
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