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I agree with most of the other posters. True wolf dogs make terrible pets (at least, by the definition of what most people expect out of their pet).

On a slightly unrelated note, my understanding of most 'wolf hybrids' that you come across are actually nordic spitz mixes that resemble wolves but have no wolf in them. This, to me, skews any kind of behavioral expectations based on people's experience with their animals because you have no idea if you are really dealing with a true hybrid. I have met owners and seen many online posts/photos from people who claim they have wolves that are obviously malamute-husky-malinois mixes.

Cindy: I mean no disrespect in making this statement. From your photos I think you have the real deal and believe you when you say you have no problems. I do, however, think that that makes you very very lucky and puts you in the vast minority. A few well respected professional dog trainers (for example: Patricia McConnell) have very upsetting stories about trying to work with severely reactive, nervous, and unpredictable dogs that they believe may have been true wolf hybrids (after fielding dozens of cases of "falsies").

If you are attracted to the wild look, why not try these guys?
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