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Most small dogs

I've noticed that most (majority) of 'owner-dependent' small dogs are LICKERS, esp. when sitting or laying next to their 'master'...they lick lick lick lick, its disgusting! Jane Fonda had some little white fluffy sitting by her side when being interviewed tonite on the TCM channel. That dog licked her free hand NON-STOP FOR 26min. It was disgustingly distracting. WHY DIDN"T SHE STOP HIM OR CORRECT THIS BEHAVIOR? she wouldn't even TAKE HER HAND AWAY. My Aunt used to be the same way, letting continue this disgusting habit, instead of making the dog stop it~!

Aunt Sylvia's dog had good teeth, no anal gland issues, no other 'medical' problems. He was JUST IRRITATING. Then another dog she had always did that yrs. later, then i've seen this on TV with the bulldog owned by Ice-T, his wife, CoCo lets the dog put his testicles on her face, constantly is running her nails thru his thighs, rubbing, etc. and he is by her side for what? all the time...duh. lol

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