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I think he's nice, Hazel, and if you saw him playing with the Shih Tzu, or interacting with her mini ponies, well, it's hard to believe he could be so very aggro towards strange dogs. Jarrah is in season now so he might only get another walk or two with her before we'll call it quits for a while, but then I might try introducing him to Bo. Bo's so fearless and happy to meet other dogs that hopefully we could make some progress. I am seriously considering having Jarrah speyed before her next heat. Couldn't really do it before this because the way my boys have been acting she seemed always on the verge of just coming into season. She's got impeccable breeding, a wonderful temperament and is a good type but we have only ever bred litters when we needed a pup in the past, and I can't see us wanting more cattle dogs in the future.
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