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Feline-Calico-13 yo...confusing issue/health

Hey all-First time poster. I searched around the forum for similar issues, but haven't found anything so I decided to post.

My cat (indoor) started throwing up a few months ago and it got progressively worse to where she was losing weight and I took her to the vet.

Currently, the cat throws up everything she eats, almost immediately after. I have tried 10 different types of food, none make a difference. She is still a pretty active, seemingly happy, cat. If she wasn't so skinny and I didn't see her throw up all the time I'd swear she was healthy.

But she is not.

I had a blood panel done (nothing major) and we did an ultra sound.

Issues of concern where the stomach was full and the pancreas was swollen, leading us to think the digestive enzymes were not digesting the food. We didn't see anything else conclusive. She went on Baytril antibiotic and Predinisone. Been doing that since last week and there has been no improvement.

It almost seems like the food isn't even getting into her stomach. It comes back up almost as she ate it, but with mucus. In all the regurgitation except 1 I haven't seen a hairball. One time she threw up a pretty substantial hairball was expelled, but since then no more fur.

I've googled pancreatic cancer and all kinds of other bad stuff, but her symptoms just don't seem to add up. It almost seems like the stomach is block, so the food gets spit back out. I would have guessed a blockage would have been seen on the ultrasound. Plus, the stomach HAD something in it...perhaps the blockage is the 'other way'. Again, I don't guess the ultra sound showed that.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. K
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