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She was a blue cattle dog, Serena, and you could see the hives through the hair on her face. Her ears were swollen, and as I said, she looked miserable. The same girl was allergic to preservative in a certain brand of tinned dog food. When fed it she would act like she was seeing pink elephants, she'd be hiding under the table, staring big eyed out into the hall, prepared to bite if you tried to get her out. The minute I changed her diet she was back to normal.

Now, major breakthrough for Archie today. He now knows Jarrah is a girl, Jarrah smells great, Jarrah loves to play and they finally made contact, albeit still on their leads. He did greet her like a psycho Shepherd at the start but we figure it's the sound of my shelties barking inside that gets him revved up. By the time we walked a mile he was fine and the day only got better for him. Back here later for a cool drink, then a game of chasey with Ben's old Wiggle Giggle ball, followed by a game through the fence with Jarrah, and finally we let them jump all over each other a bit. Anyway, here is Jarrah's boyfriend.
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