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Bad breath, clear nasal discharge

I know this topic has come up before.

My 3 year old Cavalier/Aussie Shep. has recently developed some crazy bad breath. I've also noticed that he has quite a runny nose. Discharge is clear so I am not overly concerned about infection but it is quite a substancial amount (I used to think he was drooling as he slept, but I am starting to think the wet spots are from his nose).

He is going to the vet to make sure there is nothing medically going on but I thought it couldn't hurt to start up a thread so I have a couple alternatives if the vet finds nothing.

I know a common response to the bad breath problem is that food could be causing it. Is there a particular ingredient that is linked to bad breath? I do feed my dogs a food with Salmon as the main protein, but his breath doesn't smell fishy and I would expect them both to have the same breath issue.

Anyone else had a similar experience that could share some of their wisdom
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