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Originally Posted by LovNKyra View Post
She's done the test as well as the desensitization needles. Tests says she is allergic to pretty much everything under the sun. Needles did nothing at all. Did these needles for close to 3 years. I figured it was a false diagnosis, and figured it may be mange. I've had her on prednizone, revolution, non-allergenic diets, ivermectin, raw diets, homemade veggy/fish diet, and nothing worked except for the fish, and veggy diet. This diet worked in about a week removing all sores, but when she scratches it is still to the point of bleeding. She is supposed to be allergic to fish so this diet working has me stumped which is why I figured false diagnosis. Only other thing that worked great was prednizone, but that made her a zombie, gave her diarrhea, and upset stomach.
Allergy shots really do nothing for food allergies, only for environmental allergies.

The allergy tests aren't perfect. If the proteins in the fish are different than those used in the test (regional difference? I dunno), then they can disagree. Some things will change also depending on the way it's cooked. For example, allergic to green beans, not allergic to very steamed green beans, kinda allergic to partially cooked!
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