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Originally Posted by LovNKyra View Post
Okay here goes! Before I started her on ivermectin she was on an all fish, and veggies diet, but she was slowly starving. I switched her over to the ivermectin, and also switched her diet back to dog food. She began to get worse, and worse. I now have her back on her fish, and veggies with the ivermectin but as I feared she is now losing weight again. Could someone by any chance recommend an additive to help her gain weight that I could add to her food? I've now had her on ivermectin for about 3 weeks now with no improvement.
I'm thinking she is alergic to something in the dog food. I've had her on non allergenic dog food, and she still gets the same problems as regular dog foods. On just fish, and veggies the sores completely go away within a week yet she still scratches. I'm so lost on what to do now. As soon as the vet heard I was giving ivermectin to my dog she decided she no longer wants to treat my dog in any way. I've never been more stressed, and helpless in my entire life!
Somebody help me!!
Why was she starving on the ivermectin? I'm not sure that makes sense?

Have you had her on digestive enzymes and probiotics?

Usually with allergies, you need to take a bunch of stuff out of the diet, but they also need support as in extra nutrients.

since the ivermectin hasn't helped, I'm guessing that yuo've stopped it? I think that you should tell the vet that you've stopped it - you need to have a vet that you can go to.

What type of veggies have you been feeding? Any other supplements?
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