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Large, Hard, Moveable bump

My dog, a black lab/husky mix who is about 6 years old suddenly has a very large, near golf ball sized bump on rear right leg. It is on the hind leg near the lower joint (almost on it).

It is very hard, but very easy to move. She does not react to it at all. It is under the skin so the skin appears stretched.

I have recently been left my girlfriend, then my other dog who was much older passed away that same day. I love my girl very, very much and right now I am quite upset. I am taking her to the vet ASAP, which is 2 days away.

Does anyone have any idea or experience as to what this could be? I keep reading conflicting posts on many sites but no one with the exact same problem. Its always a soft one, or if its hard its not moveable. Again, hers is a hard, large, moveable bump that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Thanks for any help.
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