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Unhappy negligent vet

I know exactly what u are going through. My 2 year old English Bulldog went in for his yearly rabies vaccine I held him in my arms for 45 minutes while he drowned in his own blood IN the vets office I spoke with several different vets they said all they had to do was give him a shot of epinephrine and he should have been ok. But the vet was to busy running people through like an,assembly line I kept asking someone to help and they just walked past. I filed charges with the state of Florida, the investigator found the vet both negligent and I can't remember the other charge but when it got to the court level he got a lawyer and they dismissed it. It hurt me so bad. I didn't want money I wanted him to be held accountable. He was a member of my family. My husband asked are you going to charge for the **** that killed my wife dog? The vet replied do you work for free? The vet even wrote in the chart that I had voiced concern on how Tank was breathing but he wasn't sure whether I stayed the entire time as he had other patients to take care of that was 4 years ago and I miss my boy so much. I feel your loss and I don't know what state your in but I was told that in Florida dogs are just considered it wasn't taken seriously. My heart goes out to you
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