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Thanks Winston and Chico2 we appreciate you still following our story and sending good wishes for him.

Last night I noticed his gums were a little paler than they have been, so I expect he's had another small bleed and that's why his hind end has been weaker in the last week or so. I'm not surprised after the vet visit 2 weeks ago and his fall on the stairs, but his breathing is normal, he's socializing as he always does and doesn't seem as wiped out as he has in the past. I'm hoping the bleed is a small one and has finished. He's trying to go outside at least once or twice a day and has been strong enough to do it without falling as long as I stand at the top and say "slowly" and my son keeps his mouth shut on the landing, which he has beens since I told him he was too anxious and had to wait for Raggs to organize his back feet before going down the stairs. It definitely worked this morning, as we waited patiently for him to get his back legs under him and he was able to walk down the stairs. (His back legs tend to slide out on him).

Anyway all is well right now, and when he came back in, he had to spend some time with me before going back to bed. He jumped at Smokey last night chasing him out of my room, so he's developing some strength again in his hind legs. It is so funny to watch the two of them interact, wish I could get a pic. I've been trying to keep the camera with me, but as soon as I reach for it, they move.

Thanks again everyone for your good wishes, I hope all your furbies are doing well too
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