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Dee-O-Gee, I really haven't had it long enough to notice, it's new this season and the last week has been Hell here, the Fairy Grass has ripened(like all the crops around here) and with the strong winds we've had the seed heads are blowing like tumbleweeds and the result ...? Well, you know that saying , nature hates a vacuum? It fills up your garden, piles up against the house to the eaves if you let it, fills any shed or garage left open etc. . So, all we do from morning to night is crush and bag the rotten stuff, using a sheet of flat tin to corral it. We tend to the animals and exercise dogs, try to water the garden when we can, but no time for studying my garden or sitting and relaxing. On our worst day this Fairy Grass packed so tight between the big Callistemons in my front garden that I had to force my way through it.
Sorry for venting. I think this rose is so lovely that I might buy it a great big pot and take extra special care of it.
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