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Thanks Maxalisa I appreciate the good thoughts. I don't believe anyone outside my home can judge how he is inside. He has such an incredible relationship with each of the kitties, different for each one. They don't see this of course when he's at the vet. They also don't see him waiting by the door for my gf to arrive every Monday and Friday because he loves her. He knows when my alarm goes off she is coming and probably has the days memorized too. What they see are his very weak hind end and him wanting to leave before he even gets into the examining room. However, they do admit this as well.

One of the reasons I think my vet is worried is she sees the tumour increasing in size and is worried it will end up like Pepper's giant lipoma...huge and needing emergency surgery which she is not prepared to do with Raggs. I reminded her that his tumour started shortly after I adopted him and has now been growing for almost 2 years which is a lot longer than Pepper's took to get to that size. Raggs is also 2 years older than Pepper was when she had her surgery, and I wouldn't subject him to that. If it became the main issue I would have to make that final decision as I wouldn't put him through the surgery at his age. I doubt he would make it through the surgery and I wouldn't even try.

Right now Raggs is relatively healthy other than the tumour, happy and interacting with everyone. He is very weak in the back end but that varies from day to day and he does have days without a problem. He has the heart strings of everyone who comes in the house with his friendly happy smile. I don't plan to make that final decision until he tells me it is time. I knew with all my other dogs when it was time and I expect to with him.

Thanks again for your good wishes for us. Yes I do have a house full of animals, but they are all happy and relatively healthy. To you and your furrbies as well
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