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Yeah, allergies are always a nuisance. I usually only get hives from direct contact, but the breathing trouble starts when I'm near wool for too long. Once I was taking a first aid course and feeling really miserable the whole time... Until I realized they had wool blankeys in the room to prop up the heads of the CPR dummies. I had to ask if they'd remove them. After about an hour, I felt a lot better. I think it's the fibers that get into the air the irritate me. It's a pain to get warm coats in the winter and such, since I have to stay away from wool. And when we stay with family, I always have to explain why I can't have wool blankets. They're so common. And once they've been in the bed, I need to change the sheets or I'll be miserable the next day. But it's not as bad as your friend's daughter. I can't imagine being that allergic to something. Especially dogs because my dogs are my babies!! I have a friend who gets migranes everytime she is around perfume. It's so hard for her on public transport and public places since the scents are not regulated there like they are in a lot of workplaces, hospitals, etc.
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