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I used to go to the pet store in the mall to buy toys - no longer
I stick to our home-town guy and bypass the new **** (or whatever) too.
why ...
One day I was visiting a friend at the mall pet store. she said let's go in the back, I am taking a break.
To my horror, the 'seats' they used to sit on and hold their ASHTRAY was on top of animal crates .... with kitens in them!!! The kittens were in there because they had some sort of ailment and were waiting for a clean-bill before they could be put in the window again. 4 butts burning in the tray and I hightailed it out of there. (the only thing the manager said to me was that the staff room was restricted to staff)

I wanted to take every single one of them home. I was so sad for so long I just had to stop thinking about pet shop animals. Advice - take a look in their back room! Find out what conditions those precious things must live in when the store closes and you're not looking.

The home-town guy has a great store ... the employee's personal dogs roam around and it is a great treat for my dog to go and visit.
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