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Thanks scottiedog. He had a great birthday with extra treats and more beef liver and sardines than I usually give him cuz he loves them. I have a pic taken on Nov 27, his birthday and will post it here. He seems to be doing well to me, he's certainly still very involved with the animal family and loves his time with me.

I spoke to the vet tech the other day on the phone and we discussed how he acts at home. I was telling her all the things he does that show me he is definitely not ready for that day ...yet. She agreed with me and told me she'd pass all I said along to my vet. She also said that I am the best judge of how he is as I see him under normal circumstances at home and they only see him while he's in the office usually wanting to leave immediately. She thinks my vet thinks I will have trouble seeing when that time has come, I know I won't, I never have before with previous animals. When they tell you it's time, it is usually very obvious IMHO.

Thanks for the support for both of us scottiedog.. here is the pic I took of all of us on his birthday. If you look carefully you will see Bailey behind my head and Tiger on the other arm of the same chair in front of my head. Smokey is standing on the other chair and Sam is on the floor in front of the table. Of course Raggs is front and center as always
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