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Originally Posted by marko View Post
With respect cindy 23323, Just because you own a wolf and it hasn't ripped anyone apart yet, does NOT make it a good pet to own. Not wolves and not wolf hybrids.

OBVIOUSLY many people around the world will not subscribe to this point of view....Some people keep any animal as a pet even when it is not recommended (Chimps come to mind here)....and until accidents happen....there will always be people that say that X breed is a great breed because they have one....and it is true that accidents are not guaranteed. And those people that already have the breed...and have bonded with their pet. Of course I can see how they would want to defend their pet, their breed. Maybe their pet will never get aggressive, and I hope this is the case.

But that does not make owning wolves or wolf hybrids a good idea.

This Podcast below from expert Dr. Stanley Coren cites his own experience and the research of notable wolf scientists.....

They say NO - bad idea, bad pet because of their innate prey drive especially after sexual maturity.
One false move from a child...another pet etc....could spell disaster. They have NOT proven themselves over the years as dogs have. I'll play safe and believe the experts, thank-you....and I'll continue to recommend that people adopt any of the many breeds available (many of them that look like wolves - like German Shepherds) from shelters.
I'm not into risk as much as other people and I never risk my family's safety.
I agree !!!!

I remember when you could buy tigers, lions, bears from the Toronto Sun classified section, So Many ignorant people bought them, and so many of those poor animals were destroyed when their ignorant owners got rid of them when they could no longer control them.

Bottom line.....They are wild animals and as such should only exist in the wild, and not be "owned" by any human......I hope they are banned as pets everywhere.
Don't give me the line......well dogs were once wild......well so where cats, doesn't mean you should go out and buy a cougar or bobcat as a pet !!!

If you people truly cared about and love wolves you would leave them in the wild ! As ohers have posted if your wolf/hybrid ever is beyond your control or hurts anyone or you decide to dump it it will be KILLED!!!

I'm sorry there should be laws against breeding wolves/hybrids !! As long as some money hungry jerk breeds rare or unique but still wild wolves/hybrids....ignorant people will buy them!!

Some people are so caught up with image and having a different or unique "pet" they don't really give a rats behind about the consequences....that the poor animal will eventually have to pay the price for. All boils down to insecurity....people with insecurity issues tend to be the same people who do this all of the above

What is man without beasts? If all the beasts were gone, men would die from great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected.

~~Chief Seattle (Duwamish tribe)~~
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