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Thanks, kdog. I've been meaning to put in an update on Jarrah and the GSD, Archie. They have now touched noses, he's got her scent and is certainly mellowing, for instance my sister had her 4 month old GSD pup, Sally, here for a couple of days and he decided(I think) that maybe he should protect Jarrah, going into attack mode towards the pup. He gave Sally a couple of frights but she bounced back, trying to tease him into a game. I think that was working too but my sister wasn't taking any risks. Anyway, we went for a nice walk in the forest opposite this place and Jarrah and Archie were strolling along quite calmly, fairly close together on the way home. Lovely to see the dog relaxing and learning to trust Jarrah.
Oh, my sooky baby, Jarrah, I've found has a great love of stuffed toys, she pinched Sally's teddy so I gave her a lary looking platypus of her own.
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