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Originally Posted by marko View Post
With respect cindy 23323, Just because you own a wolf and it hasn't ripped anyone apart yet, does NOT make it a good pet to own. Not wolves and not wolf hybrids.

One false move from a child...another pet etc....could spell disaster. They have NOT proven themselves over the years as dogs have. I'll play safe and believe the experts, thank-you....and I'll continue to recommend that people adopt any of the many breeds available (many of them that look like wolves - like German Shepherds) from shelters.
I'm not into risk as much as other people and I never risk my family's safety.
I'm with Marko on this one. As a Malamute owner, the prey drive is hard enough to keep in check, and it's nowhere near that of a wolf or hybrid, even low content. I watched my 12 yr old "stalk" a toddler in my neighborhood. He isn't a bad dog, he has just never been around kids (totally our fault, but we didn't really know anyone with children when he was young). It gave me chills.

Another thing to consider is daycare and boarding. Where I live, good luck finding a daycare or boarding facility that would accept a wolfdog, even low content. There are so many things to consider here, but the most important IMO, is for every wolfdog that is sold, a shelter dog, who is there through no fault of his/her own, will die. And a good chance that the wolfdog will suffer the same fate due to lack of education/experience on the part of the person purchasing it as well as the irresponsible behaviour of the breeder. A "2 for 1 deal", though it isn't much of a deal for either pup.

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