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Originally Posted by marko View Post
I'll play safe and believe the experts, thank-you....and I'll continue to recommend that people adopt any of the many breeds available (many of them that look like wolves - like German Shepherds) from shelters.
I'm not into risk as much as other people and I never risk my family's safety.
I am in total agreement with you here Marko.
BTW - I actually have a very very close friend that is a trainer (no surprise I know) who has 2 of these species (as puppies btw). Her and the husband have had to make alot of sacrifices; got rid of the small dogs, cats, chickens, horses are sold. Even though she brought them in as puppies she has had one heck of a time with them. She gave up all her other pets because she could not trust anyone else with her beloved wolfdogs nor was there any rescue group to take in these animals. The breeder does not want them back either.. Yep - from someone seasoned as she, I would have expected better results and she is the first to say DO NOT GET ONE!. She did say that this was not an impulse buy on her part. hmmmm, to bad that all is lost due to a want.
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