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With respect cindy 23323, Just because you own a wolf and it hasn't ripped anyone apart yet, does NOT make it a good pet to own. Not wolves and not wolf hybrids.

OBVIOUSLY many people around the world will not subscribe to this point of view....Some people keep any animal as a pet even when it is not recommended (Chimps come to mind here)....and until accidents happen....there will always be people that say that X breed is a great breed because they have one....and it is true that accidents are not guaranteed. And those people that already have the breed...and have bonded with their pet. Of course I can see how they would want to defend their pet, their breed. Maybe their pet will never get aggressive, and I hope this is the case.

But that does not make owning wolves or wolf hybrids a good idea.

This Podcast below from expert Dr. Stanley Coren cites his own experience and the research of notable wolf scientists.....

They say NO - bad idea, bad pet because of their innate prey drive especially after sexual maturity.
One false move from a child...another pet etc....could spell disaster. They have NOT proven themselves over the years as dogs have. I'll play safe and believe the experts, thank-you....and I'll continue to recommend that people adopt any of the many breeds available (many of them that look like wolves - like German Shepherds) from shelters.
I'm not into risk as much as other people and I never risk my family's safety.
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