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Former hybrid owner chiming in here. These creatures tend to be generalists ie; they don't need humans in order to live. Normal dogs are specialists and do ''need'' humans in order to live, even if it's only to provide waste as a food source. So, what you're dealing with, if you choose to get one of these, is a highly intelligent being that you have to constantly convince that life with you is more interesting and beneficial than life without you. Cesar Millan did an episode with wolfdogs and would not work with them himself but refered to a very experienced expert. He freely admitted that his techniques would not work in these cases. A wolfdog will never, ever forget what they persieve as an infraction, no matter how slight. Treated with dignity, care and respect, the can be the most loyal, amazing creatures to share life with. But you have to do it right or very serious consequences will result.
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