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I highly doubt this is a good species to own if you have to ask. (and I am not trying to be rude BTW).
If there is not sufficient information out there to answer you, perhaps you can ask yourself your level of knowledge and living circumstances if having one is practical. What are your expectations having this type of species? Do you have other dogs, cats, kids and what are the typical reactions?
Also, if it does not 'work out' do you have a back up plan? Are there rescue groups that would take (because a HS would definately euthanize).
Sounds to me like a pack of trouble but that's just me.
Maybe Cindy can shed some very important information as due to her experience I am certain she would promote to people of extreme responsibility for this type of dog/wolf/dog..
I for one have fostered every breed imaginable and even with my knowledge and experience I would never want to have this type of animal because I do not believe that I would have the proper experience nor education.
Good luck with your decision, but an easier one would be driving to a H/S for an animal that is dying to leave...literally.
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