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Hmm, well Roxy is having some troubles again. Her ears are bothering her now. She has had dirty ears since I got her, I thought it was just the fact that her ears are cropped and gunk gets inside. I use a Q-tip to clean as much as I can near the outside of her ear (I don't stick it in her head). She holds still for this, and I grapple her and make sure I brace my wrist against her so that if she does move the Q-tip won't get shoved into her ear. I get quite a lot of brown, greasy gunk out of her ears, and some flaky skin as well.

The last couple days she has been shaking her head more than usual and scratching at her left ear in particular. So I took a look yesterday and it is wet looking in there and red with some broken skin. Not swollen red, but raw red. So I cleaned her ears as much as I could which seemed to give her a lot of relief. Her ears look less irritated today, but I'm still worried about the raw skin (her scratching couldn't get that deep, it's not from abrasion). I also noticed she has crusty, flaky skin at the corners of her mouth. Maybe from chewing on her Nylabone?

Argh! Any ideas?

She also stinks like anal glands all the time.

I've decided I'm going to put her back on Iams kibble, and try to get the recipe for the homemade food she was eating before. This is the food combo she was on when I adopted her, and she didn't seem to have these issues then, so I'm going to try that and see what happens. I can't imagine a dog doing better on Iams than Acana grain-free, but I'm at a loss!

Why can't dogs pick a better time to spend our money? I'm starting up a home business, and with Christmas coming...? Ack!!
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